Mani/Pedi – Pampered Pleasure
Our spa department has been voted the 'Best nail salon in Atlanta' the past 5 years! We pride ourselves in using only the purest quality products and providing the most up to date sanitation and sterilization guidelines for your personal protection. We do not use electric drills which can be damaging to your natural nail. All nail services are preformed by hand for your safety and quality.
Name Description Cost
Gel Spa Manicure Ultimate manicure last up to 3 weeks with no chipping, peeling or fading!!! $40-$49
Spa Manicure $35-$44
French or American Manicure $30-$39
Manicure $25-$34
Fill-in $40-$49
Overlay Natural Nail $50-$59
Nail Extensions $70-$79
Gel Polish Only $17-$20
Nail Art/American or
French Upgrade/Polish Only
Nail Repair $7-$10
Name Description Cost
Gel Spa Pedicure $67-$79
Spa Pedicure $50-$59
Pedicure $40-$49