Waxing – Pampered Pleasure
We offer all Facial and Body Waxing. Our skilled estheticians will select the proper waxing method by determining your skin type along with your hair texture and growth patterns. Become a member of our 'Waxing Club' and enjoy buy three get one FREE waxings. Includes Stomach, Under Arms, Neck, Arms & Hands, Back, Chest, Bikini, Brazilian, Knee Down, Full Leg!
Name Description Cost
Full Face Wax Includes brow, lip, chin, sideburns & jaw $25-$34
Specific Area One area of the face only $16-$19
Bikini $41-$50
Brazilian $71-$80
Knee down $41-$50
Full Leg $71-$80
Arms & hands $41-$50
Underarms $31-$40
Neck $41-$50
Stomach $31-$40
Back or chest $71-$80