Pampered Pleasure

Your spa visit should always include a massage. Massage is therapeutic, relaxing, detoxifying & beneficial. Our spa professionals provide a wide range of massage techniques. After a detailed consultation our Massage Professional will help determine which technique is best for you. Become a member of our Massage Club and enjoy buy three get one FREE!.

We offer specially priced hair finishes after any Massage Treatments. Special pricing ranging from $22-$52!
Also, become a member of our Blow Dry Club: Buy 3 get one FREE! 25% Savings!

Choose from one of the following techniques to enjoy with any of our massages!

  • Aromatherapy: light to medium pressure with your choice of aromatherapy oils
  • Deep Tissue: firm massage with unscented creams
  • Sinus Therapy: moist heat, aromatherapy, and light facial massage provides sinus relief
  • Swedish: light to medium pressure with unscented natural oils and creams
  • Pregnancy: full body massage concentrating on legs, feet, and lower back
Specific Area Massage (30 min.)$50
Full Body Massage (1 hr.)$80
Specific Reflexology Massage (30 min.)Concentrating on reflex pressure points in hands and feet.$50
Full Reflexology Massage (1 hr.)$80
Hot Stone Massage $100
Hot Stone Specific Massage All massage techniques can be enhanced with heater stones used to put your body into the deepest relaxed state.$70

Never experienced a Massage? If you are shy or uneasy about receiving your first massage follow these guidelines:

1. A robe and slippers will be provided for you to wear.

2. Lockers are available for your personal items but please leave your jewelry at home.

3. We are not responsible for any lost jewelry or personal items.

4. You must wear undergarments, or we will provide you with disposable undergarments.

5. Tell the spa professional about areas of your body that are sore, injured, or tense.

6. Mention any medical conditions such as surgery, headaches, varicose veins or physical discomfort.

7. During the session close your eyes and allow yourself to relax completely.