Curly, Smooth, Wavy, Straight

Texture Our Technical Department consists of 7 professional levels that can create the most beautiful texture imaginable. Our endless knowledge of technique and experience will give you the confidence to try something new and exciting! The world of texture has changed dramatically over the years. Perms are no longer just the tight curls we remember from the 80’s. We can now create voluptuous volume, wonderful waves and beach texture with perms. Creating perfect healthy beautiful texture!

Below are service price ranges. These ranges are based on the level associate you see. The service providers level is determined by their demand and experience. Learn about each of our Technicians here!

International Designer Technician : Our International Level is our highest in demand and most experienced associates with 15 plus years at Three-13.

Master Designer Technician : 10 years plus

Senior Designer Technician: 7 years plus

Designer Technician: 4 years plus

Senior Technician: 3 years plus

Technician: 2 years plus

Rising Stars: Starting Talent

All services always include a soothing paraffin hand treatment ($20 value totally FREE), shampoo, conditioner, and a back scalp & neck massage. Consultations are always FREE!

Bang PermThis service is designed to add body and texture to a specific area.$44-$80
Non-Color Treated Hair
Color Treated Hair
Design PermThis service is designed for short-medium hair guests looking to add body and texture.$56-$92
Non-Color Treated Hair
Color Treated Hair
Custom PermThis service is designed to achieve creative and fun texture for special looks.$66-$102
Non-Color Treated Hair
Color Treated Hair
Long PermThis service is designed for long hair guests looking for a spiral, piggyback or specific long hair techniques.$110-$146
Non-Color Treated Hair
Color Treated Hair
AnticurlThis services helps to reduce curl and frizz and improve texture.$92
Thermal Straightening ServicesNo more curls! This treatment will give you straight and smooth hair permanently!upon consultation

We suggest having your hair finished after your technical service to see the beautiful results. Finishes with our hairdressing department are specially priced after any technical service! $22-$52! Also, become a member of our “Blow Dry Club” and enjoy buy three get one free finishes with every level!